Monday, November 23, 2009

Laughing at the death of the uninsured

Here is a video I need to share. A congressman is presenting his views on health care, and invites a woman onstage to share the story of how her pregnant daughter-in-law and the baby died several weeks ago because they did not have health insurance, or the money to pay for it. The audience, who came for a fight, and were in no mood to hear the woman's case, heckled her and laughed at her. Can you imagine that? They were laughing as a recently bereaved woman spoke of the tragedy.

The cold fact is that millions do not have health insurance, and thousands die every year because of that. Do you care? Or do you laugh? Would you be willing to make a sacrifice if it would help these people?

Many people hate government programs and the thought of the govenment stepping in, but these same people are more than willing to accept medicare and VA benefits. Why are we so certain that we could not get together and appoint government leaders who would work out a solution to this problem?

And yet folks ignore the problem.

And they laugh.

Where is our compassion? How can we build this country with attitudes like this?