Sunday, August 14, 2005

When You Feel Like a Loser

Ever feel like your life was wasted, that you have lived your life for a scam? This is a common feeling for someone who has been a victim of a repressive religion. But one can move on, and find a wonderful life. I offer some tips at When You Feel Like a Loser

Excuse Me, Can You Tell Me How to Get to Heaven?

Recently I asked Christians at the Christian Forums website to fill in a checklist of all the requirements for heaven. The results show the great confusion on this issue. No answer was checked by more than 64% of the Christians. That answer, "Accept Jesus as personal saviour" is a very vague statement, with varying definitions of what it means, but still only 64% of the respondents think it is required. 58% said you need to believe in God, 42% said you need to confess Jesus with your mouth, and 50% said you need to accept Jesus as the Lord of your life. All of this from Christians who follow the same book! This is vivid testimony of the problems of living your life from a contradictory book like the Bible.

You can see the poll results at Christian Forums - View Poll Results. A discussion of the results is at this thread.

"Have Fun in Hell, you Fruitcake"

Occasionally I get a letter expressing intolerance and hatred. Let me post one of those for you:
My name is dave, i am 18 years old, and i am commenting about your fruitcake website. You must feel real proud that your turning God-believers into non-God believers. Regardless, those people probably didnt have a strong belief in Jesus, for them to just denounce him all for your screwed up beliefs. All I'm saying is.... I am gonna enjoy watching you get judged by God himself and get cast into hell. Because if you dont get over yourself and if you dont humble yourself and accept jesus as your personal saviour, then your going to hell. And im just tryin to imagine the look thats gonna be on your ugly mug when Jesus says "Depart from me, I never knew you". Have fun in Hell you fruitcake.

(P.S.) Post this on your web-site, so others will see it and maybe inspire them to write back to shut down your tasteless website. Because if i had the power i would shut it down in a heartbeat.
Dave may relish the thought that, if he is right and I am wrong, my ugly mug will face eternal torture. Let me assure Dave, that, if it turns out that some other religion is right, and that he is the one facing eternal torture, I would plead for his life, and feel nothing but horror about a person being placed into such agony. And I think somewhere deep inside, Dave may have similar feelings too.

Interestingly, I asked Dave if I could use his full name and publish one of his comments on the front page of my website. He did not respond. I think that Dave himself may feel some shame for what his religion has caused him to say. Perhaps deep inside, he does not want to be identified with what his words say.