Sunday, August 14, 2005

When You Feel Like a Loser

Ever feel like your life was wasted, that you have lived your life for a scam? This is a common feeling for someone who has been a victim of a repressive religion. But one can move on, and find a wonderful life. I offer some tips at When You Feel Like a Loser


jeanette267ellis said...

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Rob said...

YES. I feel like my life was wasted on meaningless superstitions and now that I've discovered things like The Blind Watchmaker and Merle's web site, I'm extremely enthusiastic about the new found liberation of my mind.

I'm having problems relating to friends though. Now, I see people who believe in the Bible as naive and ignorant. I think I see, with anger, myself in them and I want for them to experience this enlightenment. I'm pretty frustrated by it because I just want them to see--however, I have to remain calm and logical because being emotional and illogical is what close-minded Christians do. I know I was there too--so I think a lot of my anger is misdirected at them.

I don't know how to let that go so I can not feel so upset. It betrays the good arguments I'm trying to make when discussing this with loved ones. My fiancee, who is sharp as a tack, sometimes says, I think you're just bitter at your upbringing and that's stopping you from seeing the other side. Even when I'm calmly discussing it....she's good. ;)

Anyway, sorry for rambling! I'd just like to get down off my high horse.... :)

jae ann said...

heheh.. I was lucky that it was only 7 years of my life.. and that I was only actively involved in the frist two years.. After I couldn't get any real answers from churches, bible study group, I just got out, in search of the truth on my own.

I've talked to a few non-Christians and they didn't actually object to Christian faith. Unlike where churches always taught us that non-believers are condemned to hell and how important it is for me to evangelize to others and get them 'saved'. Initially, I was into it. But, as there are more and more questions in my mind, I just couldn't continue because how could I convince the others when I am not convinced that everything from the Bible is the truth?