Saturday, March 10, 2007

"A Wonderful Plan for Your LIfe"

From time to time I like to search the web to find out what people have to say about my web site. My last search netted the following interesting link from a book that quotes an extensive portion of my site. The book is called The Way of the Master: How to Share Your Faith Simply, Effectively, Biblically. The authors quote from my website (here).

The book argues that those who proclaim the gospel as "God has a wonderful plan for your life" are missing much of the Bible message. It argues that the Biblical message was about repentance.

The authors quote with favor my discussion of the failure of many Christians to find the happiness that is sometimes claimed to be a product of the faith. They agree that those who try to reach Non-Christians by proclaiming that God has a wonderful plan for their lives, when they themselves realize that they are not happy and are struggling with a difficult life, are making a false promise.

The authors emphasize repentance and turning to righteousness. I agree that we all need to turn from the thoughtless ways that we often treat others, and live better lives. But I disagree that the Bible has the best blueprint to achieving that good life.

The book offers an interesting alternative to the popular "Our Therapist Who Art in Heaven" view of Christianity. Those who sell God as a divine therapist who is on call 24/7 need to explain why so many believers are struggling in their inner being.