Saturday, May 28, 2005

From Minister to Honest Doubter

Recently a former minister wrote to me, explaining that he no longer believes the faith, and promoting his new book. You can read more about the book at Trafford Publishing: From Minister to Honest Doubter: Why I Changed my Mind There is an informative review of this book at

Many have no answers to the arguments against Christianity. Quite often, instead of addressing the arguments, believers have referred me to ministers or authors who believe it. The assumption is that these educated people believe it; therefore it must be true. But what about the many who do not believe it? Should not that also be taken into consideration? And what about the many that once believed and changed their mind? Sadly, many simply ignore that fact. The number of sincere, informed believers who changed their minds is clear testimony to the fact that there is something wrong.

I am glad that the author, John W. Loftus, has learned to question the faith that was given to him. He had formerly defended the faith, and he had impressive credentials. But he moved on.