Saturday, May 28, 2005

From Minister to Honest Doubter

Recently a former minister wrote to me, explaining that he no longer believes the faith, and promoting his new book. You can read more about the book at Trafford Publishing: From Minister to Honest Doubter: Why I Changed my Mind There is an informative review of this book at

Many have no answers to the arguments against Christianity. Quite often, instead of addressing the arguments, believers have referred me to ministers or authors who believe it. The assumption is that these educated people believe it; therefore it must be true. But what about the many who do not believe it? Should not that also be taken into consideration? And what about the many that once believed and changed their mind? Sadly, many simply ignore that fact. The number of sincere, informed believers who changed their minds is clear testimony to the fact that there is something wrong.

I am glad that the author, John W. Loftus, has learned to question the faith that was given to him. He had formerly defended the faith, and he had impressive credentials. But he moved on.


Jordan said...

I really like your site. Good stuff. Im 18, Ive been going back and forth between the Bible and agnostism and atheism since the seven years of age. Now, I dont believe in the Bible as a whole, but I does have some good advice. It has truth to it. I just believe it has been largely corrupted by humanity, for more or less, political and personal reasons. Am I a Christian? Well, no. I am very spiritual though. What I mean to ask is, why does the invalidity of the Bible cause one to denounce the possibility of God? Just because we screwed the Bible up, doesnt mean he, or anything else doesnt exist. Science is a great tool, from biology, to quantum physics. However, it is limited. It cannot explain everything, because even when come to the end of all physics, and basically we get an equation that basically answers everything thus far, there is still one question left.. Why this equation? While I dont believe Christianity holds the answers, nor do I believe that atheism does, or any one thing holds the answers, but that the answers are a little bit of everything, and beyond. I was just curious to hear what you think. If you get the chance Id love to get an e-mail from you; Anyhow thanks for your time.


Merle Hertzler said...

Well, I guess Jordan was trying to send an email and accidently posted here.

No, the problems with the Bible do not prove there is no God. I do not know if God exists, but if he exists, I have no reliable way of knowing what he is like or what he wants from me.

jae ann said...

I had renounced Christianity, but I still somehow feel that there is God. But, like you said, I have no way to prove his presence. So, I have started reading up a bit on Buddhism... maybe I will 'find' God soon! haha...

LorMar said...

I've read up on Buddhism myself. Even I can admit that it has some really appealing teachings.