Sunday, November 01, 2009

Should we Search Instead of Research?

Here is another email from my inbox:

I just went tru ur website and read the whole article about self-esteem. While it was hearting to know that you knew scripture so very well but sadly I felt you have used them out of context. And a text out of context is a pretext.

Your arguments may sound intelligent and philosophical but let's remember that God is beyond all such realms' He goes beyond it which is called Faith. I don't wish to argue or impose my views upon you as you did and continue to do by keeping your website on.

But I want to pray for you that someday you find Jesus, You know why? He is waiting to receive you.

I am just 39 years and have known my Jesus since my childhood and better so in the last 17years. I can give you countless testimonies of the wonderful things He has done for me.

And yes He does love EVERYONE. Yeah even the atheist. He works even through them in the world. God is not waiting to accept us. If we do He is pleased and if we don't (as I presume is the case with you) He will still love us, bless us and use us in this world.

You have done a RESEARCH on Christ but I pray you SEARCH for Christ. That's the difference.

I wish I could really debate with you one-o-one but you know what I have discovered this to be true - Christ is an experience and not a subject for argument or debates.

May you experience Him. I know someday you will. He won't leave you until you have found Him brother. Until such times you can be assured of my prayers for you and your loved ones.

I apologize if I have hurt you in anyway. Pls. forgive me.

But I felt the urge in my heart to respond and not react. Until next time have a blessed life.

God bless you and yours.

You write that you felt I used verses out of context. I am sorry you felt that way. Can you understand that reading something and "feeling" that what you are reading is out of context does not prove that what you read is out of context? I would be more interested in knowing if there is a verse you have determined to be out of context. Have you found a verse that can objectively shown to be taken out of context on that webpage? If so, which verse? Please explain why that verse doesn't mean what I think it means. Facts would be more helpfully then telling me you read it and get a feeling that this is wrong.

You say my argument sounds intelligent, but that God goes beyond this into the realm that is called faith. Ah, but if my argument sounds intelligent, is not the next step to determine if it is indeed intelligent? How does it make sense to ignore an argument that looks intelligent, and simply take it by faith that the reasoning presented is wrong? Shouldn't we actually check to see if the reasoning is wrong?

Others take it by faith that you are wrong. Do you agree that it is right for Muslims to take it by faith that you are wrong? If you do not think that the faith of a Muslim overrides the facts, then can you understand how others might think that your faith does not override intelligent arguments to the contrary? And if your faith does not trump my reasoning, perhaps you might want to consider my reasoning.

You admit that I have done research, but ask me to instead search for Christ. Have you read my story (here)? Searching for Christ was the theme of my youth. When in my own mind I had found Christ, life was all about deepening that walk with Christ, continually searching for more. So I have done exactly what you ask. If not, what exactly would you like me to do that I haven't yet tried?

You say Christ is an experience and not a subject for argument. OK, but whose experience is right? Is the one who experiences Christ as the one who leads him on a crusade to kill others experiencing the true Christ? Is the Mennonite who experiences Christ as the one that leads him to oppose war--all war--experiencing the true Christ? Were both the Irish Catholics and Protestants experiencing the true Christ as they fought each other? Our all claimed experiences of Christ the true experience of Christ? If not, how do you know your experience is the right one, and that those who experience something contrary to yours are wrong?

You say that even if we con't accept Jesus, "He will still love us, bless us and use us in this world." Uh, and then send us to hell to burn for ever and ever in eternal torment with no chance for mercy, regardless of how much we beg for forgiveness? Is that part of your message? Why did you leave that out?

Speaking of self-esteem, in what way can that help our self-esteem if we are such evil people that we deserve to be tormented in hell forever?

I would love to hear back from you, or from anyone who agrees with the message you present.

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