Sunday, January 23, 2005

Go Eagles!

At my website, I write how religion can make one suppress thoughts. These thoughts can remain always near the center of consciousness, but they never quite reach it. Paradoxically, experiments have shown that such thoughts can grow stronger when they are thus suppresed.

The illustration I used is that these thoughts are like the Philadelphia Eagles, always near the top of the competition, but never ever to make it to the Super Bowl. I am happy to report that my illustration is no longer valid! The Eagles are no longer suppressed from the Super Bowl.

I hope that suppressed thoughts in the minds of my readers enjoy the same light of day that the Eagles have finally received. Give those thoughts a chance. Be open to all thoughts. If, after careful thought, you find them worthless, then let them go. But they have had their chance.

So I cheer on the Eagles for two reasons. First, they are the home-team favorite. But second, they serve in my illustration to indicate the thoughts set free.

May our thoughts be set free. May they mount up with wings as Eagles.

Go Eagles!

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