Monday, December 20, 2004


And so I enter the blogosphere. Let me introduce myself. I am the creator of the website QUESTIONING: An Examination of Christian Belief. There I share my experience, in which I evaluated my fundamentalist background, and chose my own path forward in life. I will use this blog to comment on religion, politics, psychology, and anything else that strikes me as important.


Jheison Romain said...

It is true indeed that "The truth will set you free".

Merle Hertzler said...

And do we not arrive at truth by asking questions? And when we ask questions, do we not sometimes arrive at a truth that is different from where we started? So do we not all agree that we need the process of questioning?

But if we ask questions, and in the process of asking questions we learn new truth, when is it that the mind has become free? It would seem to me that the mind becomes free the moment it starts asking, not the moment that it discovers truth.

jae ann said...

Well, when the mind has found the 'truth', we are no longer blinded with 'untruth'. I think the moment we see light, it is the moment we are set free. :P