Monday, May 18, 2009

Christian Forum General Apologetics, RIP

It has been my privilege to spend many hours at the Christian Forums website, debating the issues that I present at my site. That site is now under new management. Most of the threads from those days have been deleted. Skeptics are no longer welcome at that site. Unfortunately, many of the discussions that I reference at my site no longer exist. Someday I will update my site, and remove those links. See Christian Forum General Apologetics, RIP .


josh said...

A quick suggesting ... you might be able to grab some of the old posts on this site by doing a google cache search. Google caches pages and keeps them for a decent amount of time (ie, I dunno how long ;p). Check out this reference for how to search google cache:

I hope you're not too late!

josh said...

After posting my last comment I noticed that you told us your posting handle on Christian Forums. I went ahead and did a simple search, and I figure I would relay my methodology (the link) and results. Go to this link to see the search results:

Now this doesn't pull up cached pages exclusively, but I found it to be quite effective. The pages that are cached have a "cached" link. I arranged the results by date (with the google options directly on the search results page), and found that the oldest post with your name in it was from december 2005! I'll write a little script to download all of the (400 or so) pages and compress/email them to you if you'd like?

Merle said...


Thanks for the offer, and sorry I didn't respond sooner.

I do have almost all of my pages saved on my disk. The problem is trying to get this content back on the web to share with others. The pages are filled with the site code. It would be a major task to strip out just the content. And even if I stripped out just the content, there would still be copyright issues with copying verbatim all that text from another site. I could always just post my arguments, but that is not near as effective as showing that, in an open and free discussion, the religious claims simply do not hold up to simple examination.