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Response to a Muslim: Will we be branded on the nose?

I get many emails suggesting I need faith, but people cannot seem to agree on which faith would be best for me. Here is another email from a Muslim, suggesting that what I really need is Islam. IJ writes:

ASalam u alaikum, may peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon u

Brother Merle,

Hope ur in good health. after a long long time im writing 2 u. Where have u reached in ur search 4 the truth? U might have denounced one faith, but what are u going 2 replace that space with? atheism? agnostism? hinduism? budhism? what....? WHY NOT ISLAM?

Yes i know u'll be thinking im nuts, but how much do u know abt Islam? U might have proved that the bible is not the word of God and that Christianity is a hoax, but can u dissprove Islam? WELL, NOBODY CAN! COZ ITS THE TRUTH, ITS FRM GOD!

Surely u could try out wether im just fooling around or wether its a big joke. All i want 2 say is that dont involve any one else in this and lets have a fair debate.

Herez what u do:

write to me in pts all that u dislike abt Islam , all that u find really stupid, any "mistake" in the quran what ever you can find to deny the fact that islam is the truth.


I'll try my best 2 give u the best answers ( if Allah wills), if u get all the answers , the choice is up 2 u and if i cant give u the answers, then ive failed.

Just remember one thing, it was just by accident i discovered ur site, and I dont know what motivated me to interact with u and to be really sincere im trying ro convince u abt Islam only beacuse i really feel concerned 4 every person who hasent got 2 know a great deal abt Islam, coz when u know abt it, YOU'LL BEGIN 2 LUV ISLAM!

Who knows maybe Allah wants 2 guide u , for its only He who can guide. As He says in the Quran:

"The one whom Allah guides, no one can misguide

and the one whomw He misguides no one can guide!"

My favourite verse frm the Quran is:

"When truth is heard out falsehood, falsehood perishes, for falsehood by its nature is bound 2 perish!"


Its available at

May Allah Guide us all close u the truth and spread the peace of Islam.

I respond below:



I can see that you find much comfort in the culture of Islam. Many others find comfort in other cultures. If you were simply saying that you find good in your culture, but that, like all cultures, Islam has a mixture of evil and non-truth mixed with the good, I would have no objection. But your claim goes much deeper. You imply that there is no mistake in Islam. In that I think you are mistaken. There are mistakes in Islam and in the Quran, as there are mistakes throughout all of human enterprise. How can one possibly deny that?

You ask what I find wrong with Islam. Well, for one thing, I find a disturbing amount of intolerance in the Quran. Perhaps you can explain to me why a book from God would appear to be so intolerant. Here are a few example verses:

4:56 Lo! Those who disbelieve Our revelations, We shall expose them to the Fire. As often as their skins are consumed We shall exchange them for fresh skins that they may taste the torment. Lo! Allah is ever Mighty,

Okay, so if I don't believe what you have to say, I will be exposed to the fire? And as often as my skin is consumed it will be replaced with fresh skin, so I can suffer more? And what is the crime for which this punishment is meted out? Do you recommend all of this torture of those who examine your religion, and come to a different conclusion from you?

IJ, people look at religion and come to different conclusions. Some believe the Bible but not the Quran. Some believe neither book. And do you think that they should have their skins burned off of them forever, continuously having fresh skin restored so it too can be burnt, further torturing those who came to a different conclusion from you?

Why not simply approach religion from a rational point of view? Perhaps others have come to a different conclusion from you for reasons that to them seem rational. If a person disbelieves the Quran for rational reasons, does that person deserve eternal torment?

4:74 Let those fight in the way of Allah who sell the life of this world for the other. Whoso fighteth in the way of Allah, be he slain or be he victorious, on him We shall bestow a vast reward.

And so do you encourage people to fight in the way of Allah, even if they have to fight to the death?

When I find people who differ with me, I prefer to use the pen--or the keyboard--rather than the sword. Do you approve of the sword for solving such disputes?

4:150 Lo! those who disbelieve in Allah and His messengers, and seek to make distinction between Allah and His messengers, and say: We believe in some and disbelieve in others, and seek to choose a way in between; 4:151 Such are disbelievers in truth; and for disbelievers We prepare a shameful doom.

Ah, so do you agree with preparing a shameful doom for those who disbelieve? The hijackers on 9/11 prepared a shameful doom for many who did not believe. Do you think they did the right thing? Or do you think it is wrong to prepare a shameful doom for disbelievers in Islam?

7:179 We urged unto hell many of the jinn and humankind, having hearts wherewith they understand not, and having eyes wherewith they see not, and having ears wherewith they hear not. These are as the cattle - nay, but they are worse! These are the neglectful.

Ah, so I, and the many Christians, atheists, and others who disbelieve your book are cattle, and even worse then cattle? Why does your book resort to name-calling? And why does your book so viciously destroy the self-esteem of others?

9:5 Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

So do you think it is good to find those who worship a different God, and to besiege them and take them captive? Do you approve of slaying me or making me a slave or yours if I don't believe your book? Do you approve of wars of conquest in the name of Allah?

Or do you admit that this is one of the places where the Quran is mistaken?

9:73 O Prophet! Strive against the disbelievers and the hypocrites! Be harsh with them. Their ultimate abode is hell, a hapless journey's end.

And you believe in being harsh with LorMar, noogatiger, Honey, and others who have posted here and don't believe your book?

Come on, why can't we all be friends?

9:123 O ye who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who are near to you, and let them find harshness in you, and know that Allah is with those who keep their duty (unto Him).

And do you follow this verse? Can we expect that you will fight against us if we don't believe your book? If so, should we be scared of you?

Or do you see that this verse is mistaken, and therefore do not do what it says?

18:29 Say: (It is) the truth from the Lord of you (all). Then whosoever will, let him believe, and whosoever will, let him disbelieve. Lo! We have prepared for disbelievers Fire. Its tent encloseth them. If they ask for showers, they will be showered with water like to molten lead which burneth the faces. Calamitous the drink and ill the resting-place!

Have you no pity on the suffering of others? If they are suffering in fire, and they beg for showers, why give them showers of molten lead?

22:19 These twain (the believers and the disbelievers) are two opponents who contend concerning their Lord. But as for those who disbelieve, garments of fire will be cut out for them; boiling fluid will be poured down on their heads, 22:20 Whereby that which is in their bellies, and their skins too, will be melted; 22:21 And for them are hooked rods of iron. 22:22 Whenever, in their anguish, they would go forth from thence they are driven back therein and (it is said unto them): Taste the doom of burning.

Is that what you will say to me if I don't believe your book? Will you tell me to taste the doom of burning? Will you agree with those who pour boiling fluid on my head, and melt my skin?

Tell me please, do you think I would be a better person if I believed and followed your book, and did what such verses recommend?

25:36 Then We said: Go together unto the folk who have denied Our revelations. Then We destroyed them, a complete destruction.

So do you encourage those who destroy the disbelievers with a complete destruction?

Can you see how some might think such verses promote terrorism?

34:5 But those who strive against Our revelations, challenging (Us), theirs will be a painful doom of wrath.

But if nobody is ever able to challenge the revelations, how do you know the revelations are true?

I am skeptical of anybody who refuses to let their claim be challenged, and threatens wrath on those who wish to challenge the claims. I prefer free discussion.

If a witness refuses cross-examination on the witness stand, doesn't that cast doubt on his testimony? If your book refuses cross-examination, can you see how some of us see this as reason to be even more skeptical of its claims?

68:15 That, when Our revelations are recited to him, he saith: mere fables of the men of old. 68:16 We shall brand him on the nose.

And if the people who post here, such as Honey or Noogatiger, do not agree with your book, will you brand them on the nose? Should they be scared of you?

2:8 And of mankind are some who say: We believe in Allah and the Last Day, when they believe not. 2:9 They think to beguile Allah and those who believe, and they beguile none save themselves; but they perceive not.

Okay, so we cannot escape this fire and branding on our noses by simply claiming to believe? We must truly believe, or we will be branded on the nose?

I am sorry, but if the facts do not support an assertion, then I cannot believe it. I can pretend to believe it, but I cannot believe something when I think it is not true. If I cannot escape doom by pretending to believe, then your book offers no hope.

Okay, that is just the tip of the iceberg. I could cite many similar verses. Let's start with those. These verse seem wrong to me. If you do not think they are wrong, please explain.

I think you will agree with me that there are indeed some mistakes in the Quran.


LorMar said...

This should be an interesting debate. I always wondered what your thoughts were on religions besides Christianity.

coljac said...

I know nothing about the Quran so I also look forward to this debate. However it looks as though your correspondent is writing from a cell phone!

Nightmare said...

Heh, it's rather obvious that there will be no debate. There never is.

Iesha said...

As-Salam u Alaikum

The words that I have cited above, most of you might not pronounce them correctly, these words are the ones which begin any conversation in the day to day life of a muslim be it formal or informal, be it the meeting with a friend or a business transaction.And what do these words mean?
Well according to how Islam has been branded, the ideal greeting should have been "death to the infidels" and things like that but these words actually mean:"Peace b upon u"
And it is quite well known that even during the Prophet's time the Muslims used to openly greet even Non muslims with the same greeting.
Thats not all, after each of the five prayers a Muslim turns his face to the wright and left and says "Peace be upon u" meaning to send peace all around. Further among the many suplications one is "O lord!u r the peace and frm u is the peace, guide me to peace and make me enter the doors of peace" Further whenever a Muslim makes mention of nay of the Prophets of Islam, be it Moses or Jesus or any of the Biblical Prophets it is OBLIGATORY to say Peace b upon Him.
Now you tell me is this the way that an intolerant and fanatic religion tells its folllowers to behave in their daily life? How many times do u even use the word PEACE in your daily life?

Yes ive replied after a long time not beacuse im afraid but because i was bussy with an exam and now i dont excess my gmail id, my new id is

Now coming to the point, i see u have quoted a number of verses, here i would like to say 2 things:
1. the verses have to b seen in context ie. when and why they were revealed
2. it has 2 be seen who the adressee is and who the immediate audience is
3. it has to be seen whether the verse refers to carrying out of some duty or whether it talks of Gods dealing with such people
4. it has to be examined whether the verse talks about the condition of people here or whether it talks about the punishment in hereafter
5.sometimes a general term might actually refer to a particular group of people of a certain time or place

Keeping all these points in mind We will, if Allah wills, proceed to examine the actual meanings of these verses VERY SOON.
And no Iwill not agree agree with u that there are mistakes in the Quran, NOT UNTILL MY LAST BREATH!
Because Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him has said; "A true Muslim is He who holds firmly to his faith even if he is threatened, even if he is tied between two walls and his body is sawed into two, even if all his flesh is scrapped off bit by bit, still he should remain true 2 islam" This is my unshakable faith1 And u cant be so bad to me can u?


Iesha said...

Hey, im back!
now, to begin with the thing i find wrong with merle's interpretation is that where ever there is a sentence like "WE shall punish them.... "WE shall brand them on their noses...WE shall burn them...", MERLE resorts to asking me and muslims in general "Why do U want 2 burn me? or Why do U want burning water 2 b poured over me" And he says "Should I be scared of u?"
WELL WELL... Just to remind our very intelligent friend, here the WE refers to GOD not Muslims, the punishment that is being refered to is the one which will be given in the hereafter, and yes it does expect u to be fearful but not of me or anyother Muslim, it expects u to fear Allah, who is as Jesus says "MY LORD AND UR LORD".
AND ITS NOT JUST 4 disbelievers that Quran has harsh words, in chapter Ya-Sin the Prophet is told to say to his people "If Allah intends to punish me or destroy me, then who can save me?"
This was to tell to them that Whether or not they believe, Muhammad pbuh was going to be rewarded for what He did and if He is wrong then no one could save him but what would become of the Disbelievers? Its their own deeds that would help them. You can see for ur self in various places the Quran has harsh things to say to THOSE WHO BURRY GOLD AND SILVER, THOSE WHO STEAL THE ORPHANS PROPERTY,THOSE WHO FROWN AT THE GIRL CHILDA BIRTH, THOSE WHO LIE etc.
It even criticises Muslims particularly It says "And u will see the like of those who are to be seen at the prayers, but even small kindness they refuse! They r giving 2 their bodies nothing save fatigue!" THis means Worship of God berift of love for his creation is nothing but FATIGUE! it means all ,y prayers are a waste if they cant instill love for humanity? What about all the nights that sucha person might have devoted to prayer, According to the Quran it is all waste?

The quran also says: "Those who burry gold and silver and spend not in the way of Allah announce unto them grevious penalty! On the day when fire will be produced out of that weath with it shall be branded their forehead, their flanks ans their backs!"
It must be seen that this verse specifically refers to those wealthy Muslims who didnot give ZAKAAT or charity ie.2.5% of their annual savings. THis shows that just saying with tour lips that u believe or being born a Muslim in NOT A DIRECT TICKET TO HEAVEN, and I dont say this, the Quran does!

This calls for examination of whome exactly does the Quran call believers and whom does it consider the Disbelievers.

The basic declaration of Faith or EMAN in Islam is :"I believe in Allah and his books and his Prophets and his angels and in the day of judgement and in Destiny"
A person who BELIEVES without doubt in every single aspect of this EMAN is a MUMIN or BELIEVER or FAITHFUL.
Conversely, any one who disbelieves in any one of these criteria is a Disbeliever. This also means that a person who would be a Muslim on one hand, praying and fasting and giving charity, and doing the biggest acts of kindness if He misses out on any one of these things he too is a DISBELIEVER, THAT MEANS ALL THE VERSES THAT U HAVE MENTIONED REFER TO SUCH A MUSLIM TOO AND NATURALLY THE PUNISHMENTS WOULD BE INFLICTED ON HIM TOO!

So, u see when it comes to truth and falsehood the Quran does not spare any one- not even those who PROFESS to be its followers.
The Quran says: "Untill nad unless a person does not BELIEVE all his good actions are like floating dust in the sight of ALLAH"
Thus the Quran lays stress on the intention behind the deeds or the driving force behind ones actions. And according to the Quran the on ly driving force acceptable is BELIEF. The belief that the Quran professes is one which leads to action not inaction. It does expect a HUMAN BEING to have faith, it also expects him to PROCLAIM AND DISPLAY his faith ie. everyone knowsvthat he is a Muslim, HE PRAYS,FASTS BUT AGAIN HIS FAITH IS INCOMPLETE IF IT DOESNT LEAD HIM TO GOOD CONDUCT WITH JIS FELLO MEN SO THE LAST DEGREE IS THE GOOD ACTS LIKE CHARITY ETC.


THe Prophet pbuh was once asked by a person: O prophet of Allah! theres this lady in my neighbourhood,and she prays virtually all the time but she fights with her neighbours and een abuses them verbally, what shall become of her?" He replied "She shall go to hell" Another man said "O Prophet of Allah! theres this woman in my neighbourhood, she doesnt pray a lot, but she is sucha sweet heart! she speaks so gently and kindly with even those who abuse her! what will happen to her?" He said "She shall enter paradise!"

THis should clear the stand on Islam on BELIEF and DISBELIEF and that belief which can not even teach man good conduct is useless according to the Quran and is ACTUALLY DISBELIEF!

AS Far as those verses are concerned with non muslims and the decree to fight against them etc Iwill soon come to that.
If Allah wills, next time Ishall clear Islam's stand on
'The status and rights of Non Muslims in Islam"

Till then Good bye and GOD bless!

Merle said...


See my response at

Iesha said...

As Salam u Alaikum

Hello once again, Im just returning from my Friday SALAAH or prayer, and now that i was reading the Chapter �The cave� or AL-Kahf of the Quran, I was as usual deeply moved by its tone and my heart really longs to share something with you. Its about the Quran.
One of the many things that the Quran does is that it makes you appreciate its own beauty, it speaks for itself, Which the BIBLE lacks. In fact isn�t it strange that the word BIBLE is nowhere mentioned in the Bible? Despite the Fact that thousands of people revere it as the word of God.
Be it the Stories of the Prophets of Old or be it creation of the heavens and earth or Glimpses of the hereafter, the Quran serves everything in right proportions, giving the reader only as much is needed and leaving him wanting more. When speaking of the Prophets it gives only necessary information, not their age and how many wives they had and all that. Contrastingly the BIBLE really bores its reader; consider the innumerable repetitions, unnecessary information like the census of the Tribes of Israel at the time of Moses, it goes to the extent of telling you even how many male infants they had! What does a man get to learn from such irrelevant information?
Yes the Quran does have repetitions, but the beauty is that there are no two places where the same thing has been repeated. Consider the stories of Prophets, they have been repeated several times but each time something more is provided. If the Quran was just written by a man as a result of his hallucinations, why does he not write it all in the form of continuous chapters? The Quran has in its composition the proof of its being revealed, it was not revealed at a stretch, it was revealed little by little according to the need of time and many of its verses are ACTUALLY ANSWERS that Muhammad is ORDERED to give to the Questions that the Jewish Doctors use to ask Him. This is the reason that a person gets most of his questions answered in the process of reading the Quran, BECAUSE ITS ACTUAL PURPOSE IS TO ANSWER OUR QUESTIONS. Yes of course the Quran says that those who disbelieve in the word of God will be punished, that�s because these are supposed to be signs for the men of understanding. The Quran relates the stories of the People like the Aad and Thamood [Ch. Al Haq] and how they were destroyed but it also reminds us that they were destroyed not only for their evil deeds but �because they turned away from CLEAR SIGNS that were send down to them�. And the Quran is actually the place where the BEST of THE SIGNS have been rehearsed for what? So that u disbelieve?
The Quran expects the reader to pay heed and realize the beauty of these signs and let me tell you that not only an exceptionally intelligent man, BUT ALSO ANY FOOL WITH TWO EYES who reads the Quran correctly and in context will see that these signs are more than JUST CONVINCING, they have moved generations to tears, I have come to tears and prostrated my head in humility at Verses that would to a prejudiced mind, appear VAGUE. For example the Quran only contains a handful of verses relating to the Creation of the universe, but amazingly, they happen to be the Biggest Miracles of the Quran. Ask yourself How much can a Man convey in one sentence? Can even Einstein explain the whole creation of the universe in one sentence? And this is exactly what the Quran does!

So, we see that the Quran claims that it has clear signs, in the creation of the heavens and the earth, in the stories of the Prophets and in the life and works of MUHAMMAD, peace be upon him.
This calls for an examination of what the Quran claims to be SIGNS. This calls for a separate debate and if Allah wills, I WILL soon come to that point.

Now returning one last time to the allegations of merle, there�s one more thing i�d like to clear, He quotes the verses which talk about fighting and killing disbelievers and the ones where Quran shows intolerance and hatred towards those who take Gods beside Allah.

1. The Quran does not approve of those who take Gods beside Allah, that�s because it expects the reader to believe that it (the Quran) is from God and if God says He is one it means HE IS ONE. However consider what the Quran says �Revile not the Gods that they take besides Allah, lest in their ignorance they should revile Allah� Imagine on one hand it clearly and out rightly refutes the possibility of there being any other God but Allah, but at the same time it tells its believers NOT TO REVILE OR ABUSE THE GODS THAT THEY CONSIDER, even though they might not believe in them.

2. As far as the choice of religion is considered, it says very very clearly �LA IQRAHA FID DEEN�� ie. �THERE IS NO COMPULSION IN RELIGION! The correct path has been made distinct from the evil path� Is this intolerance?
Or is this intolerance? �O prophet! Say, This is the truth from the Lord, then those who wish to believe let them believe and he who disbelieves let him disbelieve�

Surah AL-Kafiroon orte Chapter The Disbelievers says: �Say O you who disbelieve! I do not worship what you worship, neither do you worship what I worship, Neither will you worship what I worship Nor will I worship what you worship. TO U YOUR RELIGION AND TO ME MINE!� In how many scriptures do we find room for such things? And you say Islam is intolerant?
But apart from just acknowledging the freedom of choice of religion the Quran does not forget its Duty, it does not get swayed into pleasing the disbelievers, After reminding them of the freedom of choice it also reminds them that they are accountable for which ever choice they make and reminds them time and again �For the disbelievers is a painful doom� for the disbelievers is a painful doom.� This shows that apart from being tolerant, it feels considerate enough to warn the erring. In various places, after describing the ill fate of those who disbelieved, it says, �Only if they had believed� only if they had listened!�

3. You seem to have lot of problems with the Quran talking about the punishments for man.
For your kind information, the Quran does not decree the punishments for nothing; it says in several places: �And at every time had we revealed a book.� �We send the Prophets to guide mankind on things in which they differed, but this made them differ more than ever.� �We never punish, until we have send WARNERS (Prophets and Messengers).�

This shows that those people would be punished who turned away from VALID Poof and Evidence and disbelieved in the Warners apart from doing evil things.
Even to the People of Lot, who had indulged in filthy things and lust for men, even to them Allah send Messengers. It was only when they knowingly turned away from the truth that Allah punished them.
So, if the Quran says man will be punished for disbelief it also makes sure that for every one according to his capacity and power of Judgement there is ample PROOF and enough reasons to keep away from evil.
The Quran says: �No soul shall be burdened more than what it can bear.� �Every soul shall be paid back in complete recompense what it earned� �NO SOUL SHALL BE WRONGED! NOT EVEN AS MUCH AS A GRANT, NOT EVEN AS MUCH AS THE MEMBRANE ON THE DATE SEED!� AND THIS IS THE JUSTICE OF ALLAH.
The Quran also says that on the Day of Judgement Not a single person will say that Allah has been unjust to Him or Her because they know the magnitude of their disbelief when realize that they were wrong And the Quran says �That day, Man shall say �Were that I had remained lifeless dust!� �And when the book of their records shall be handed to them they shall exclaim �O my Goodness! What is this book, there is nothing big or small but it makes a mention of it� �Verily! The Prophets spoke the truth. Verily this is what they had promised, Woe to us for we were the erring.�
�And that day the wrongdoers would say �Were that we were granted another chance, we would become our best� But your Lord knows they would return only to create more mischief.� �That day the Disbeliever shall say �Where shall I find escape?� Indeed that day THERE SHALL BE NO ESCAPE!�

4. In this context the Quran does not leave the reader in darkness, it does not just say that God is one or that Quran is infallible or that Jesus peace be upon him was no son of God or that Muhammad peace be upon him is a Prophet, while affirming these things it also tries to convince the reader in the Best of ways by Giving him ample proof be it in the form of information that was NOT known before or be it in the form of AWE INSPIRING PARABLES.
Take this for example:
�All those who invoke Gods besides Allah do not they consider that if there were Gods beside Allah there would have been much disharmony and imbalance. Or is it that those whom they invoke have any share in Divinity? Verily, not even as much as a Grant.� �They can avail them of nothing but shall be brought forth as a TROOP against them.�
�All those you invoke besides Allah even if ALL of them were to gather together they would not be able to even CREATE A FLY!�

These are very few examples of how the Quran convinces the reader, however you might have got a faint idea of the approach of the Quran ie. First it makes its stand clear, then for the sake of argument it considers the readers view point and proves him wrong and finally it warns the person that even after so much evidence if the person fails to believe he is A RIGHTFUL INHERIOR OF PUNISHMENT.
And I believe this approach is quite rational. And you people say this is a result of the Hallucinations of a Mad man? You start by saying Muhammad pbuh was a liar and end by saying he was crazy, but how could he have been both?
The approach of the Quran is clear IT EXHAUSTS THE ALTERNATIVES. It tells you OK, So if this is not a divine book then what is it?
They say it was written by a Mythomaniac; In fact the kind of approach that doctors use to treat such a patient is identical to the approach of the Quran. Suppose a person says �I am the King of Britain� and really believes to be one Now, the psychologist does not argue with him, He simply says �Well if u r the king where is the Queen?�
At this the Mythomaniac thinks �Well maybe Im not the King after all!�
Isn�t this the approach of the Quran when it says �Do not the disbelievers consider the Quran with care? Had it been from any one but Allah, it would have contained much discrepancy!�
Or when it says �Tell them to produce a book like it� or �Tell them to produce a SINGLE chapter like it!�

5. Mr. Merle as i had expected you quoted the FIFTH VERSE of The Chapter The Repentance ie. �And when the sacred months have passed then kill the polytheists where ever you find them and capture them and besiege them and prepare for them each and every ambush but if they REPENT and offer prayers then leave their way.� In fact I believe this is the MOST quoted verse of the Quran but unfortunately it is quoted OUT OF CONTEXT and when it is quoted in context there is no room left for confusion.

If you have deliberately Quoted it out of Context then prepare to be ashamed but if you have quoted it simply then try to pay heed.

POINT NO.1 We need to see this verse in Context to know what does it ACTUALLY means.
POINT NO.2 We need to know when it was revealed& why it was revealed
POINT NO.3 We need to know whom does it refer to as �THE POLYTHIESTS�

And in order to do this we need to read the preceding and proceeding lines of the Chapter.

6. You are annoyed at the �name calling�