Friday, April 28, 2006

Why no Bible stories about China or America?

A reader writes with another deconversion story:

Thank you for making this great website in a clearly organized and greatly analyzed way. I accepted Jesus Christ in 1999 after seeing how happy Christians' lives can be and after learning the story that Jesus had died on the cross for my sins as preached by an evangelist. Soon after that, I joined bible study groups and church regularly, where we were taught many miracles that Jesus has performed. However, since I was not a Christian (sorta Buddhists/Taoist) before this and I have many Muslim friends, I questioned my group leader and more experienced Christian friends about the story of evolution, why the earth is much older than the bible said, and why do we have to believe the Bible when Muslims claimed Quran contains God's true words and Bible incomplete. Also, I asked them why can't the bible be a fictional story written by the people that live in the old days? I am sad to say, I did not get convincing answers and most of the time, the discussion will end abruptly when my Christian friends could no longer answer my doubts. They will usually tell me that I do not have to see to believe. All I need is to believe by FAITH. Slowly, my faith decreased and I stopped attending church or bible study.

Also, each time I read the bible, I thought that if God had created the world and humans, surely he must have known that the Chinese people exist too. However, the stories written in the bible only revolves around people in Egypt and places surrounding it. Why is there no mention of the Red Indian tribes in America? The only reason that could answer this is that, those people who wrote the stories in the bible did not know that "outside" world exist at that time. Although I have this conjecture in my mind, I still thought, NO WAY, I have to believe by faith because I want to go to Heaven!

After reading the Da Vinci Code, and The Last Templar, I had actually made up my mind that even if in the future Jesus is proven to be not godly and is merely a mortal, I am open to it and will accept it. But I still believed on certain things Jesus taught which I learnt from bible study and sermons.

Then, today, I finally chance upon your website. And guess what? I am quite surprised that even the church chose to use only the "good" stories to teach us of a loving God. Not a God who is irrational and killed babies. I am really greatful that you wrote in detail how we should believe in scientific facts. Thank you and now I am convinced and no longer believe in Christianity

Yes, why would a God of the universe be so intensely interested in several tribes along the Mediterranean Sea, while making no mention of the rest of the world? Did he have no message for the people of China or America? Why do the Old Testament writings look so much like the egocentric tribal rantings of the other nearby tribes? Surely an Omnipotent God would see beyond the next hilltop in Israel.

The writer of this email has asked good questions, and is on the right path.


SpeirM said...

Of course, Christians have answers for these questions. Problem is, you just about have to be a Fundamentalist Christian or Orthodox Jew to find those explanations believable. They sound a lot like excuses to the rest of us.

BTW, I don't think I'd make any changes to my worldview based on the likes of The Da Vinci Code. Its premise has gauze for a foundation. We're already hearing too much from Christians about how "atheists" buy into that nonsense--which is NOT true.

Anonymous said...

Well, DVC is just something that 'opened' my mind that there are many possibilities out there on the REAL TRUTH about the Bible. It was because of the urge to know the truth that I asked, and tried to look for answers. And, I am glad that I've got a conclusion! :)

--Author of above deconversion story

Merle Hertzler said...

I agree with the comment about the flimsy foundation of the DaVinci code. That book may serve as a springboard to start questioning, but it should not be promoted as truth.

But I also understand that the original writer was not claiming the DaVinci Code was proven true, only that this book was the start of his journey of exploration.

Anonymous said...

The Bible - What They Forgot to Tell You!
"Believing is easier than thinking. Hence so many more believers than thinkers." Bruce Calvert